Album - Strange Creatures

Strange Creatures... the kind that crawl out of the dark recesses

of thought,

into the crevasses of your brain,

wiggling through the maze of

day to day.


Some are desperate and afraid.

Some are the dreams that follow you through the day,

quietly tapping you on the shoulder at odd moments,

nagging you to remember when they know you never will.

Some walk among us, unfortunately all too real and unforgettable.

And some - some just want their coffee already.


Step into the world of Strange Creatures.

Make yourself at home.

After all, you're a strange creature too.


Music, guitars, digital instruments, vocals and recordings by me. Lyrics by Rikki Ansell. 

One of the songs - Something´s broken - can be found on the video page.

Recording made in my humble bumble home-studio (HLV) so to be considered as a demo-album.

Lyrics you get when clicking on the little note to the far right of the song playing